Takeaway Hours

Tiien Bournemouth is open 7 days a week. Tiien Westbourne is closed on Mondays.
Takeaway orders placed between 12-2.30pm are for collection only.
Orders after 6pm can be for collection or delivery (within 4 miles of Tiien Bournemouth, £10 min. order).


Vegetable with Tofu  £6.95  -  Chicken £8.50  -  Pork £8.95  -  Beef £8.95  -  Tiger Prawn £9.95

  • From: £8.50 ex vat

    Thai noodles with bean sprouts served with spring onions and sweet turnips

    Vegetable with...

  • From: £8.50 ex vat

    Flat noodles with vegetables in dark soy sauce

    Vegetable with Tofu  £6.95  -  Chicken...

  • From: £8.50 ex vat

    Fried rice noodles with chillies, tomatoes, onions and basil leaves

    Vegetable with Tofu ...

  • £4.95 ex vat

    With bean sprouts and onions

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