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Welcome to Tiien, Thai Bournemouth

At Tiien Thai Restaurant Bournemouth, we are proud to create exceptional food that is carefully prepared and beautifully presented.

Here you will experience joy and harmony in a serene yet contemporary environment where the most exciting Thai food will be served. Also available for take away.

Our chefs source only the finest authentic Thai ingredients to produce the most sublime flavours. His team at Tiien will guide you on a magical adventure of tastes, aromas and textures.

Tiien Restaurant opened in Bournemouth in January 2011. In addition to the main restaurant and lounge bar, we also have a very special private room beautifully decorated in gold leaf. The room can be booked for private celebrations or for corporate events. Companies can take advantage of our high tech presentation facilities. We are also happy to be able to provide a free Wi-Fi connection to our customers.

Before opening, Tiien was blessed during a traditional ceremony promising to bring luck to us and to all who dine here. The blessing was carried out by Pra Arejarn Utai, a Buddhist Monk from Thailand.

Monks Blessing on Opening

Special Offers and Events

20% discount on food for Armed Forces Families